Ford Musings (Various)

Ontario spends less per post-secondary student relative to our GDP than any other province in Canada, and Canada is lagging far behind other nations in innovation. (Canada ranks 12th of 16 peer countries and earns a C on innovation, per Conference Board of Canada, May 2018). This is ***exactly*** the wrong direction from our provincial government. These draconian tactics will ensure that our economy stays rooted in 19th century, with our provincial leadership more worried about tailgating parties, cheap beer, casinos and ferris wheels. All this while slashing healthcare, public health harm prevention programs, and supports for people with

 It is a good thing our government is focused on future growth and innovation ….because Ontario’s fur trappers will get an *additional* $1.1-million of taxpayer money from the Ford government. Yes, that’s true. And the Ontario government is giving $10-million of taxpayer money to horse-racing ANNUALLY. I can hardly wait to see what they’ll do for blacksmiths and log drivers… Yes, we are indeed headed in the right direction now, Ontario.

In a global economy where every person will need to change careers at least 4-5 times, where a quality post-secondary degree is just table stakes for an entry-level job, where an estimated 1/2 of all Canadian jobs will be impacted by automation in the next 10 years, cuts to education are *exactly* the wrong choice. I’m watching our provincial government decimate post-secondary education in real time with absolutely heart-breaking cuts. Now, they’ve turned to secondary education.

It looks like at least someone in education is getting work under Doug Ford. “Failed Progressive Conservative candidate Cameron Montgomery has landed a $140,000-a-year job chairing the agency that administers province-wide standardized testing for students — a post for which his predecessor earned less than $4,000 last year.

Montgomery’s appointment as chair of the board of directors at the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) marks the first time the position is a full-time job — a move that has drawn criticism.”

“For the People”, indeed.

These changes hurt everyone involved in postsecondary education. Ryerson has already announced that it will need to reduce its operating budget, which is bad news for already precarious instructors and staff. Please share this petition, and consider adding your name to help low-income students, and postsecondary institutions in this province.

An educated workforce is a competitive workforce. Ontario is already lagging behind in terms of innovation and skilled workers. These OSAP changes will make things dramatically worse. By 2036, Ontario’s working age population will decline by at least 9%. There will be a shortfall of 364,000 skilled workers in this province by 2025. That number will increase to 564,000 by 2030. The move away from making postsecondary education accessible for all is bad for businesses and Ontario’s global competitiveness.

(Sarcasm alert).

Who even needs education anyway? Conservatives are finally showing guts by cutting all of these unnecessary services and waste. It is about time, don’t you think? I say: Why stop with cutting education in the province? Did you know that we could save $1.1 billion by simply eliminating the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund? Who even needs clean drinking water? People can just buy soda, Perrier or delicious beer, for god’s sake. OR people can dig their own wells!

And did you know we can save $4.28 billion (7% of the overall provincial health budget!!!) simply by eliminating long-term care for the elderly? It is about time the frail elderly who need medical and bathing support, and help with meals just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get a damn job. ANOTHER $1.3 Billion could be saved every year by just fixing our highways ourselves. Don’t like the condition of the roads? Grab some asphalt, a shovel and fix them yourself. Think of all the money we’d save. Plus, if your kid wants to finish high school, Doug Ford has cleared the way to ensure private schools can sell you all the
classes your kids need to graduate. Don’t have the money? You should have thought of that before you started being poor. Thank goodness for our Ford government here in Ontario.

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