Next Accelerator ‘Train the Trainer’ Workshop

Sept 27 and 28, 2022 1-3:30 EDT

Workshop Objectives: 

  • Train representatives from Member Association (MAs) to ensure they feel confident describing CLB program and enrolment process
  • Help clients by reinforcing and learning new financial literacies
  • Increase sign up rate of CLB program across YWCA clients

Day One – September 27 – CLB Overview 

1:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Video Welcome

1:05 Introductions/Icebreaker

This is a private quiz for us all to take to kick things off. The goal is for us to contemplate our own relationships with money.

1:30 – How This Training Was Created

YWCA Clients Speak

Quick Demo of Online Training Module

What is an RESP?

Are You Eligible?

Facts and Stats About Educational Savings

Challenges and Opportunities, Debunk Common Myths

Hand outs

Fun quiz to check in on learning (Mentimeter)

1:50 Review of Articulate Content (small groups)

  • Review of content and short assessment

2:20 Take Up

2:30 10 min break

3:25 Close and Next Steps

September 28 – Equipping MAs for Conversations

1:00 Welcome Back (Raine)

1:05 Talking About Money 

  • Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • How to facilitate conversations
  • How to respectfully engage clients around importance of post-secondary education

1:25 Role Play/Breakout Exercise Using Characters (3 Characters)

Roleplaying Handout

  • In small groups, initiate conversations with clients (groups of three, two role play the conversation, one observer, switch roles)

1:55 Take Up Exercise

2:05 Interactive Game Jam – Build a module live.

2:35 Take Up Exercise

2:35 10 Minute Break

2:45 Brainstorm and Feedback Session

Brainstorm opportunities (e.g. childcare sign up, programs)

3:00 Overview of YWCA Tracking CLB Sign Up

Review of Content (Mentimeter)

3:10 Q&A

3:25 Close and Next Steps