I have a PhD, Technology in Practice stream in the Communication and Culture program at Toronto Metropolitan and York University. I grew up in Northern Alberta in a little farming community outside of Peace River, with no potable water, no paved roads, no dedicated phone line and 50-minutes from the nearest store. I moved as soon as I could – at the age of 17 – to Ontario to become a reporter.

As a result of my isolated upbringing, books, arts and games were very (very) important to me. After spending two decades in communications, public relations, Web design and journalism, I am looking to change up my career. I am currently teaching myself the Amazon Lumberyard, Role Player Game (RPG) Maker, Unity game and the open source HighFidelity Virtual Reality development system, created by the creator of the Linden Labs Second Life system. I’m a current member of Dames Making Games and have attended their Virtual Reality Hackathons. I volunteered at the Toronto 519, supporting the Trans Inclusion education and training team in 2016.

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