Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Unpublished Articles & Essays

Pobuda, T. (2017) Of Madness and Metaphysics: Italian Futurism at the Dawn of the 20th Century, Unpublished paper,

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Western Canadian Satanism: Rebellion, Repression, Inversion, Subversion in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Timeline of Women Board Game Designers

Virtual Reality in the Social Imaginary

Digital Games As Empathy Machines

The Magic Circle and the Modern Gamer

‘The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Mechanism’: Does Digital Technology Create Anxiety?

Technology: Sabretooth Tiger or Narcissus Mirror?

‘Out of Darkness’: The Heroic Women of BBC’s Happy Valley

Of Madness and Metaphysics: Italian Futurism at the Dawn of the 20th Century

Design Notes: Creating The Stop Sign and Cracking the Code

On Breastaurants, Dog Parks and Sokal Hoaxes: A Response