Asynchronous Online Course (Sample)

I created these sample flipped-classroom, online asynchronous lectures to demonstrate my approach to teaching, active learning, and instructional design. I storyboarded and created the videos using motion graphics, mixed and edited the music, researched and wrote the narratives, and recorded the audio lecture myself in a few hours. The result is >50 minutes of online lecture content that features rich audio-visual content, and interactive, active learning exercises. Each single lecture component is desiged to be 15-20 minutes in duration to help keep and maintain learner focus.

Each of the video lectures was designed with best practices for online learning in mind. The following features, based on evidence-informed attentional approaches for adult learners, have been integrated into the sample materials:

  • variable musical sound beds designed to optimize learner’s focus
  • motion graphics, transitions, and animations that are refreshed at key intervals to keep and hold learner attention
  • variable vocal inflection, pauses and emotional content in lecture delivery
  • consistent, predictable structures and frameworks to allow learners to anticipate what is coming next

This approach is designed to help instructors and learners to spend online synchronous time with assignment trouble-shooting, active learning and mentoring. Each video is designed and optimized to be consumed on the go, via phone, tablet or laptop.

Key Concepts and Theory

In this example, I created a class introduction and welcome for the learners. This includes a discussion of my corporate background in professional communication and the creative industries. I discuss key course objectives and themes. I touch on the core methodologies of the course, and the expectations for the students. I describe the core philosophies of the course. This section walks though the key elements of audience identification and mapping, and explains the core principles of the Design Thinking methodology.

Real-World Case Studies

This section is designed to provide true stories from my 27-year career in professional communication and the creative industries. This section, entitled “Tanya’s True Confessions” walks through key course concepts through real-world stories and case studies from my time in large multinational agencies, and publicly-traded corporations. The stories are organized in key sections: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Each section is designed to reinforce key course concepts through storytelling. Key tips for tackling course work, and learning objectives are embedded in each narrative.

Learner Self-Reflection, Skills Practice

This learner interactive section will provide concrete exercises for learners, each designed to scaffold skills to prepare them for the course’s synchronous sessions and group work. The interactives will provide the learners an opportunity to experiment with core skills required to complete assignments later in the term. This module also includes ‘check for understanding’ elements to test the learner’s comprehension of materials explored so far.