Guest Lecture – Knowledge Translation

“Games are dramatic models of our psychological lives providing release of particular tensions.”— Marshall McLuhan Hi everyone. It is a privilege to present my board game project, McLuhan's Maelstrom: The Deck-building, Augmented Reality Learning Game. I am a proud graduate of the Ryerson School of Professional Communication Masters progam, and a current PhD Candidate at … Continue reading Guest Lecture – Knowledge Translation

Bullying Podcast

Bullies on the Job: A Strategy for Communicators Presenter: Tanya Pobuda Podcast due date: March 3, 2017 Thumbnail Summary:  While the communications sector can be creative and exciting, professional communicators can often face long days on the job, stressful working conditions and sometimes, they can encounter bullies. According to a 2014 nationwide CareerBuilder survey, 45% … Continue reading Bullying Podcast