• A (Brief) History of VR, an interactive online presentation about the origins of VR for young learners
  • Training Day, an interactive online game of pandemic preparedness for grocery store employees
  • How to Make Holograms For (Less Than) A Dime, an interactive online learning module designed to help young learners create holograms at home
  • Word Graveyard, a Gothic Roll & Write, designed to teach short- and long-term planning, word construction and spatial management
  •  Slumber Party Tasseomancer: A Fortune Telling Game of  Reading Tea Leaves, Prophecy and Inspiration, a values-based game for tweens designed to teach Edwardian Tea Leaves Reading, hand management and group, individual positivity
  • McLuhan’s Maelstrom: An Open Access Learning Game About Marshall McLuhan for Young Adults, a deck-building, augmented reality game designed to teach Toronto Communication School concepts and McLuhan’s Laws of Media tetrad to show how new technologies ‘act on’ and encounter existing technologies
  • Change Management: An AI Adventure for Project Managers, a AI-chatbot-based, IBM Watson negotiation and communication game for Project Management Institute (PMI) members