McLuhan’s Maelstrom Augmented Reality

Using a tool from HP called HP Reveal Aurasma, I am attempting to add informational overlays on the cards themselves to include quotes from the great man on the technologies depicted on the Technology Cards.

This is what happens with you view the game’s poster through a phone or tablet enabled with HP Reveal Aurasma.

Here’s another technology card – the typewriter – revealing McLuhan’s thoughts via AR.

Here are the overlay images that emerge when a user, who has downloaded the HP Reveal app on his/her/their phone, scans a McLuhan’s Maelstrom Technology Card.



“In television, images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

The diplomat, Issues 197-208, 1966, p. 20

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“One of the many effects of television on radio has been to shift radio from an entertainment medium into a kind of nervous information system.” ~Marshall McLuhan (1964)

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“A typewriter is a means of transcribing thought, not expressing it.” ~ Marshall McLuhan (1974)

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“The newspaper is a corporate symbolist poem, environmental and invisible, as poem.” ~ Marshall McLuhan (1970)

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“The camera tends to turn people into things, and the photograph extends and multiplies the human image to the proportions of mass-produced merchandise.” ~ Marshall McLuhan (1964)

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“The phonograph, which owes its origin to the electrical telegraph and the telephone, had not manifested its basically electric form and function until the tape recorder released it from it mechanical trappings.” ~ Marshall McLuhan (1964)
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Poster Aura

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Card back Aura

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“The hand that filled the parchment page built a city.”~ Marshall McLuhan (1955)

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“Until writing was invented, man lived in acoustic space: boundless, directionless, horizonless, in the dark of the mind, in the world of emotion, by primordial intuition, terror. Speech is a social chart of this bog.” ~Marshall McLuhan (1967)

Photo by Jordon Conner @jordonsconner

The Spoken Word

“The spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way.” ~Marshall McLuhan (1995)

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The Written Word

“The interiorization of the technology of the phonetic alphabet translates man from the magical world of the ear to the neutral visual world.” ~Marshall McLuhan (1962)

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Enhance Tile

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Obsolesce Overlay

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Retrieval Overlay

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Reverse Overlay

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